Our mission is to provide opportunities and an alternative learning environment to learners who do not feel comfortable in main stream schooling. We believe all students are competent and capable in their own unique ways and the manner in which we interact with our learners, has a significant and direct influence on the desired outcome we wish to achieve. Our goal is to prepare our students to enter the world with analytical and methodical skills which will empower them to be inquisitive, bold, and inspired in realizing their ambitions.

The rational of learning and teaching at Big Bay Academy revolves around continuous, transparent and honest engagement between learner, parent and educator. Mutual trust is therefore vitally important, one only has control of one’s own trustworthiness, the four pillars of trustworthiness are openness, competence, integrity and compassion.

Our thinking is deeply rooted in the warmth of communication, effective and sincere collaboration not only bear positive results, it develops skills to attain knowledge without the stigma of learning through enhancing one’s self-confidence to the level whereby our learners become self-driven based on creativity & own initiative. We listen, process what we hear in a constructive manner, then teach.

We believe an individual is only motivated to learn by engaging their minds & their hearts, the one without the other will have temporary and empty results. This form of learning is furthermore only possible within a progressive, friendly, and welcoming environment where learners are taught according to their individual needs, reinforced by unconditional support from their educators and the academy per se.

  • Unheard of educator/learner ratio of 1:12 – not only publicized but 100% factual
  • A constructive (positive), sincere & transparent partnership between the educator, learner & parent is essential, one cannot expect progress without it
  • Individual, bi-weekly detailed feedback
  • Focused on building & enhancing the learner’s self-confidence, it is of paramount importance to us and therefore deep in our thinking; a learner might have a healthy self-esteem, but low in confidence, once they believe they can, they will
  • If one teaching method fails, we consult with the partners in the learning process, parent, learner & educator, to try something else. We relish challenges
  • No prize giving ceremonies – at Big Bay Academy we celebrate the achievements of all our learners, not only the 5% top achievers
  • A 100% pass rate in exams is not our priority, to improve the understanding of a subject is.
  • Schooling has to evolve with time, Big Bay Academy prefer not to stagnate on the same format main stream schooling adopted more than 100 years ago
  • No homework generally – a/h self-study promoted as & when required
  • Our learners are not in competition with one another at all, being taught as individuals. There are no rankings, no comparisons or rivalry between students
  • We treat our learners like we want to be treated
  • Prepare & encourage learners to acquire knowledge and the skills to apply it, not just to pass tests
  • Assessments, more commonly known as tests & exams, which are incidentally labels we wish to avoid, are not to indicate to everyone else how good one’s memory is, it is purely an indication to oneself whether you have grasped new concepts/content yet. The outcomes of these assessments are naturally different for each learner and therefore confidential
  • Stress free environment
  • Highly qualified & aptly experienced SACE registered educators
  • International curriculum, emphasizing our aspiration of preparing our learners to adapt to the ideology of becoming Global Citizens effortlessly after school
  • No school uniform, restrictive rules like hairstyles etcetera, discrimination or judgmental attitudes, whatsoever!
  • WCED compliant & certified
  • Full ISASA membership
  • Operated & owned by passionate hands on shareholders where making a difference is of the essence
  • At Big Bay Academy the learner is not just another brick in the wall
  • No sport facilities
  • Endeavour to do what it takes to make a difference in our learners’ lives in order for them to make a difference in the lives of others.
  Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right
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